• <span>Trial </span><span>report</span>
    Trial report

    Figures and statistics

    In order to be truly objective about how many more kilos you can now achieve, we have allowed an independent bureau to test the Tomahaok.

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  • More <span>kilos </span><span>per metre</span>
    More kilos per metre

    * 1% less light removal

    * less truss breakage

    * variable suspension

    * heads are at the same height

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  • The <span>Tomahaok </span><span>system</span>
    The Tomahaok system

    Simple and quick

    View the benefits of the tomahaok.
    Proven increase in kilos per metre!

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The System

To begin with, the TomahaƓk is simple in appearance and is even simpler to work with. Due to the simple tilting movement of the hook the plant sinks very gradually due to its own weight. This means that you no longer need to raise the plant. This handling is very light, quick and is very plant-friendly. As a result the need for very heavy, unpleasant work is removed.

But we go one step further; because there is no longer a fixed dimension(roll) it is possible to adjust the 'heads' of the plants to the same height, the result of which is that each plant receives an equal amount of light, which will lead to increased production. Because the plants grow more quickly or more slowly during certain periods and we are no longer working with fixed dimensions it is possible to allow the plant to hang more or less in order to create the ideal picking height which results in a more pleasant working environment.

But it is also possible to allow the plant to sink a little further than what you are currently accustomed to. This means that you have to hang the plants less often per year, which means a saving in labour.

With us you can also choose for how many years you wish to have twin on the reel; 1, 2 or even 3 years, as it is possible to leave the hooks hanging during crop changes. The tomato twine we use is very strong, user-friendly, resistant to high temperatures, UV radiation and is suitable for use over many years in the glasshouse. This saves you labour and time.

Another very significant benefit is the light. The TomahaƓk is light, translucent (approximately ninety percent) and removes hardly any light in your nursery.

How to thread the tomahaok

 1) The small piece of twine on the inside of the hook


 2) Slide the reel onto the hook


 3) Pull the twine on the rear up through the v-recess


 4) Pull the twine through the open eyelet


 5) Back through the v-recess toward you


 6) You can then pull the twine tight and ensure that the reel is protected


 7) Tilt to allow the tomato plant to hang



Video: Demonstration of the Tomahaok


How does the Tomahaok work?

1) Take hold of the hook with one hand 2) Tilt the hook 3) The plant hangs due to its own weight


Video: working with the Tomahaok.


Sizes of twine and packaging

Twine reel thickness:
- 1200 elite up to 30 metres twine
- 1500 elite up to 35 metres twine

- All types of twine available from minimum 10 metres per reel
- Biodegradable twine 800the elite also available up to 22 metres

- The hooks and twine reels are packaged separately.
- The reels are packed in boxes (size: 60x40x25 cm). The quantities in the boxes vary, depending upon the number of metres of twine you wish to have on the reel.

The quantities in a box with the metres can be seen below:

Quantities Metre
1200 12
1000 15
800 17
650 20
500 30


The hooks are packed in boxes (size: 60x40x25 cm). There are 1000 hooks in each box. The reels and hooks are transported on pallets. There are 45 boxes on a pallet of reels and on a pallet of hooks. Pallet size: 120x100 cm.